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HUOM! OSKU customer service is on vacation from 20.12-8.1.2022.

Emails and membership requests will not be answered or processed during this time. The next WhatsApp customer service time will be 11.1.2022 from 13-16:00.

Become a member

To become a member for the first time and to order a student card, fill in this form.

If you have previously been a member and have a card already, you need to renew your membership by getting a new activation sticker. To do so, fill in this form (both forms are available in English).

We operate in the entire country, and our community is open to every vocational student. Any person who studies in a Finnish vocational secondary education institution, agrees with the objective of the labour union, and pays the personal membership fee can become a member of OSKU. OSKU’s membership and student card are personal.

OSKU’s membership fee is EUR 16/year. OSKU does not utilise a term-based membership fee. The membership fee covers the price of the membership. The AMIS student card is a membership benefit, not a product that can be purchased. The AMIS student card can only be given to persons who have paid their membership fee and provided the required personal information and an approved certificate stating that the student has enrolled for studies.

You can join OSKU by applying for membership via an electronic application form. When applying for membership, the student must accept the terms and conditions of membership and verify the provided information. Please check which AMIS student card you are entitled to since you are responsible for selecting the correct colored card when filling in the application form. Once

If you have any questions, please contact us (

About us

Suomen Opiskelija-Allianssi – OSKU ry (Finnish national union for students) is a student organisation that was established in 2001 for secondary school students. The organisation has an over 100-year history that can be traced to the activities of two former student organisations. The aim of the organisation is to increase the status of vocational education and influence society on behalf of vocational students.

In OSKU, the members have all power and responsibility, since they know the challenges and joys of studying better than anyone. Thus, in OSKU, the activities are based on strong democracy among members, under which the students make the decisions concerning the organisation.

The most important decision-making body in OSKU is the annual union meeting. OSKU’s executive committee consists of vocational students studying all around Finland. The members of the executive committee have the executive authority. Their work is supported by OSKU’s employees, who are managed by the secretary general. We regularly listen to the views of vocational students and conduct surveys to get their opinions. The organisation operates independently from any political party, labour union, or religion. We think it is important that the activities of our organisation correspond with the image of vocational students and are inclusive, carried out by members, and thus attractive to the students.

We are here to provide support and service

OSKU is a national interest, service, and – above all – recreational organisation for vocational students. OSKU promotes the general and common interests of students and monitors the realisation of those interests particularly in connection with academic, social, educational, and legal matters. OSKU makes an effort to influence the ability of its members to see the future in a positive light and provide vocational students with service and support in all life situations.

In order to promote the well-being of vocational students, we offer our members various benefits and both local and national events and training courses that are specially designed for them. The possible participation fees for events and training courses organised by OSKU will be determined separately for each event. OSKU’s members are also entitled to support and guidance in matters related to studying and interest promotion.

As a token of membership, the students are provided with an AMIS student card that is also a European Youth Card. The owners of European Youth Cards get various benefits in Finland and elsewhere in Europe.